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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

We played trivia games at work today, "Truth or lie". One of my truths was.....

"I commute to work daily, rain or shine". I have to live the truth.

Today was one of the rare days that it rained hard in the morning. I put on my protective gear, then my rain gear and rubber boots. A mile into the ride, I realized the pants was melting on the expansion pipe. Another mile down the road, the suspenders had disconnected and one strap was wrapped around the rear axle. By the time I reached work, both inseams had split, down to midthigh.

I was dry, though.

It was drizzzling on the way home. The rain pants went to the trashcan, and the rain jacket and boots were enough to keep dry.

If it rains tomorrow morning and my pants gets wet, I keep a change of clothing at work.

Rain is warm here. I could actually ride to work in shorts, then shower at work.
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