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Default Re: Scored an english armstrong

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Aha! You are absolutely right! I got curious, and was looking here:

And it would seem that, unless adjusted painstakingly, you could end up with just two speeds. But there are indeed three, no neutral.

Maybe maladjustment was the problem with one of my old "two"-speeds. Hmmm...
Intrepid _Wheelwoman Your AWESOME in your infinite wisdom & Thank you so much & Allen you are the man!!! if indeed you are a man that is !! That article was the best definitive article on any shifter Ive ever read. I even emailed the author a few pics of my shifter because it was one he didn't have a photo of as well I thanked him.

Also, I cant thank you enough for finding it as well thank you all for every bit of information you provided to help me figure out exactly what this 1953 quality bike is all about . As much as I wanted the "N" to be neutral it unfortunately isn't and Ive stopped finding the "Between gear" and fooling myself besides the more black junk and sand I got out of it the less and less I could find the "In between gear" The hub looks like it has less than 20 miles on it, as do the original brake pads and the rear tire

I'm not sure the front rim is original but that's my next history lesson. I love it how, when your looking an old bike "or any old thing for that matter" you come across a lot of the stuff from that time period. It's like a mini journey back in time. One thing Ive found out, there was more quality put into the making of one pedal on this bike than there was on all 4 of my other bikes together!!

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