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Default Re: 49cc vs 66cc

Actually thinking back I'm wondering about the photos above -

my head and jug look just like the ones listed as 55cc- but I measured the piston a few weeks back and it measured EXACTLY 40mm- I posted a query here as to the width of a 66- not wanting to take mine apart- and the answer from somebody else was 45 I think.

so I'm not sure if the picture is that acurate- at least my square head and that kind of jug has a piaston 40mm.

I think the stroke is the same they seem to advertise the same connecting rod on ebay- but you know how information is on all this- plus through the years they've shipped varients and people talk about them here

My 66 is almost 3 years old now- and has 6 mm studs- I think 8mm is pretty standard now.
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