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Default Re: 49cc vs 66cc

Have a 66 and a 50 cc- actually a 55 I guess-

The 66 is definely stronger, and I think more standard replacement parts these days.

The 50 is quieter, needs both a little more pedal to get going and not such a high end speed- still it is lighter and on a light bike makes a nice little get around-
mines not carburted well and I'm 4 stroking almost all the time- I put another jug on it with a billet intake and a normal kit carb- the other is a "Sleeve carb and different stud width AND a different jet I can't repace-

anyway, the new lighter jug and carb ran REALLY GREAT- noticibly better when I started off-
something got in there though- I'm not sure- it didn't look like it was a piston ring piece- and scoured the cylinder wall- so I'm back with the original jug and carb

I was going to try to upend it- it seemed like on boygofast that the needle bearing and rod were interchangeble and he sells a 66 head with rings and piston complete, and then i could use the billet and regulart bored carb with a bigger jet-

but after reading several posts above I'm now not sure if the bottom end would fit- I never was- I'll probably get another jug for the 50 cc so I can use the billet, but no hurry- it's rolling around nicely at about 25, and I'm riding it more right now-

ready to install that 415 lightweight trike chain I posted about here.
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