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Default Re: Greetings from North Bay, Ontario

Nice to meet you guys and thanks for replying!
CTripps and Fasteddy - I recently moved back to Ontario from B.C. coast because I missed snow more than I liked the rain. I hope you guys don't get too saturated in Vancouver...

whelan - have you ever tried riding the old abandoned CNRail line between Sudbury and North Bay? I use it from this end all the time and it's awesome to ride - maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere, sometime...(i will check out your adventure thread)

GearNut - You are correct that speed isn't my top priority. It is pretty hilly around here, and as I plan to use an aluminum hardtail/front suspension mtb, with my 185 lbs and camping gear, the whole shebang could be upwards of 300 lbs, which is a lot to ask any little motor to push up a hill.
I have checked out GEBE and EZM kits, but i can't help but think that a china girl 66cc with a large gear would put out way more torque than the other's stock 49cc kits. And if putting a larger motor on the GEBE would be best, then which motor would you recommend?

thanks again
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