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Default Re: 49cc vs 66cc

Originally Posted by wes View Post
I have a one 62cc and one 69cc from dax, when i put them side by side there is a difference in ever aspect, the bottom end is smaller as well and the exchange ports are molded different as well as a smaller jug. The only thing that may be the same would be the mag and clutch covers. I had a 62 on my rock-hopper and didn't like the power much as i have always ran the 67cc, i recently swapt the motor out with a 67cc, the motor was larger and fit the bike better. Good luck
wait- the thread is 49cc vs. 66cc. You just mentioned a 62cc ( news to me) , and your 69cc. then you go back to the 62, and then the ever-so-popular old faithful 67cc. so just how many sizes do you have? 49, 62,66, 67,& 69? is there a 71cc somewhere? cause that's the year I was born and it would probably run real smooth if you know where i could get one...I suppose you were right by saying "good luck".

P.S. is Dax selling more of that "wacky tobacky" as well?
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