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Default Greetings from North Bay, Ontario

I've been lurking around here for a while looking for info and pics and such ever since i saw a guy on a schwinn whipping around town with a funky looking motor on his bike.
At the time, i was in the market for a dual-purpose motorcycle, but now that i've seen what can be done with a mountain bike, I think I want to save all the expense of bike payments, insurance and all the rest.
I live in an area where there are thousands of miles of logging roads that go way back into the bush to great fishing lakes and with a lightweight motorized bike, i would be able to throw it in a canoe and get to some even more remote roads that have been cut off by beaver damn flooding
So i need a dependable rig with enough power to carry me and saddlebags of gear and perhaps pull my bicycle trailer with a light load on occasion.

I look forward to starting this project and hope to have it ready by spring '12, and I will surely need advice along the way - so thank you in advance for your help and expertise

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