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Default Re: Tingly arms

My years of riding would lead me to go along with NKat.

When you get closer to apes configuration, it leads you to sit in a more upright position, taking the constant pressure off your hands, and arms, and putting it on your seat.
...which is why a plush seat is more important on a motorized bicycle than on a pedal bicycle.
(a pedaling bicyclist frequently puts a large part of his weight on the pedals, we rarely do so)

...but there's not much you can do abt a corrugated roadway! front/rear suspension, large, fat tires...

Personally I never cared for the foamy type grips other than the initial plush feel of them.
A larger diameter grip that filled my handgrip just a bit better , as opposed to a thin skinny grip always seemed to be an improvement.

Gloves are a good thing!

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