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Default Anyone in Gilbert, Az area that can help?

I've got a Flying Horse Angel Fire 66/80 cc kit. My first one, and I'm having big ups and downs with it. It worked great, then like crap, then I read ALOT of stuff off of this site and got it running great again. Now back to where I was. Basically it is running pretty rough, doesn't want to accelerate without feeling like its running way to hard and shaking way more than the usual. I ran 16:1 for break in, now I'm at 32:1 because my plug was black and oily. My kill switch worked, then didn't, then did, now doesn't again. I never really had to do any thing to the wiring it was all hooked up and looked good. And like I said would work then wouldn't. So I suspect this is part of the problem. I'm really hoping to find somebody in my area that can hear it, ride it, and help me understand what is wrong and how to fix it. I'd even throw ya a few bucks.

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