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Default Waving hello from the Mitten!

Hello to everyone from the state you wear on your hand! Short time lurker, first time poster here on the Motor Bicycling forms. I was introduced to the whole motorized bike thing by anim8r (I'm sure you've seen him around).
So, we are working on our first build and it's pretty great. Anim8r brought me on to his build as the "muscle". I've been an auto mechanic for 6 years, an electrician for 2 years and now I write service manuals. I love that this hobby utilizes all my current skills and forces me to learn new ones (can you say, f-a-b-r-i-c-a-t-i-o-n? I knew you could.). We've got a nice little china girl in the garage (oh, wait, that does not sound right!) and things are moving....slowly but they are moving forward! I can't wait to pick motor and a bike and bring a second one in!
One thing that we've been looking into and would really appreciate some help on is torque specifications. I'd love to strip this little engine down but I'd like to have some torque specs for the head bolts. Anyone, anyone? (Bueller?)
So, I'm off to lurk and maybe post something (hopefully it's something intelligent).

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