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Default Re: 4 stroke mounting problem on a Schwinn

Originally Posted by GasX View Post
Pulled my kit out of the box and it looks like the Schwinn Legacy downtube is too wide for the mounting plate. The bolts are 1. too short (easily remedied) and 2. are splayed out by the down tube. Can I just bore out the holes to get some width?

photos here

I was also amazed at the ghettoness of the bottom piece of the mount. It is the roughest piece of metal I have ever seen. Looks like it was mined rather than made... I'll be protecting my frame with some rubber for sure...
you can just dremel out the plate to fit the frame angle and width you need.I would not use rbbber between mount and frmae.if you are worried about scratches during insalation use some tape and then remove when your done.
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