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Default Re: Hi all. I suspect i'll be getting to know ya'll

Wow thanks guys for all the welcomes.
Well I'll try to explain a bit better and run through what I have done and answer your questions first off.. so
It's a Grubee Skyhawk 66cc 2-stroke.
I have the proper mixture gas/oil.
I know it's wired correctly for the most part but... Well...
I believe you are supposed to take the brass cap off the spark plug exposing the thread? maybe this is incorrect, but my dad told me this so I did it.
Also the silver "staple like pin" inside the black cap which sits loosely on top of the spark plug; Should that be taken out? or should that be snapped over the brass cap of the spark pug?
I don't know If I have spark, and I don't know a good way to check that?
I'm also not sure how to check if gas is getting to the engine from the carburetor?
Also I'm not sure, but Should I post this under another section of the forum?
I have pedaled the engine pretty hard but all there is is turning of the engine. i have done this with the engine throttle all the way out and in with the throttle pulled and not pulled with cap on and cap off with the gas on always.
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