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Default Re: IN New Orleans, Do I need INS? Special License?

Legaly you are supposed to have a drivers liscense with a motorcycle endorsment. I know plenty people there with mb's and none of them have ever had to show a liscense.

As long as you have lights required for a bicycle, and drive with sanity, the Popo mostly ignore mb's there.
The thiefs watch them closely though. I had my first Chrome Cruiser stolen from the back of my truck.

Be careful what streets you drive at night. I am repairing one motorized bicycle now that was damaged when three thugs clotheslined the owner off it last thursday.
It was dark and they didn't relise how big and fit he was. While he was beating the carp outta two, the third tried to pedal away but didn't know abt the clutch and wasn,t sucessful at out running him.

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