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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by sputterputtBAM View Post
I cant see the dual pull as feasable, too tedious an adjustment to get the right pull front and rear.
Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Some love dual brake levers, some hate them. I have them installed in a couple of bikes, and am happy with them. Setting them up is no harder than setting up a single lever. Mine are fine tuned to stop the back wheel first....
Actually, this would be part of the problem I have with "dual pull" brake levers as most have a rocker for the cable ends, which makes them "self adjusting" in that both cables are pulled equally - unless you've one so far out as to limit it's travel, as could be a hazard with dual pull levers lacking the rocker and may result in one brake not having it's maximum potential.

Regardless of which type dual pull lever, fixed or rocker type - you're splitting the force applied to one lever to two brakes, which either doubles the force required or halves the stopping ability, depending on how you view it. A minor point if you've strong hands and/or excellent brakes, but a point nonetheless.

While a viable option, TBH I see them as mostly a cosmetic preference - I've both a build with a dual pull brake lever and one without... and despite the "clean" look and simplicity of a dual pull, I doubt greatly I'll get another, while not "dangerous" it just seems... lacking. I've never personally had any difficulty whatsoever with having an "extra" lever on the bars and really appreciate the precision control & stopping power of separate, independent brake levers on any two wheeled vehicle... I also tend to use my front brake almost exclusively (weather/conditions permitting) as it's responsible for nearly 80% of the stopping power with a two wheeled vehicle.

*shrug* to each their own I figure

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