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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I still like 5 speed freewheels! I have friction shifters on my prize mtn bike, so I can run 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 (with thin chain). Right now I only have a cassette hub wheel for it though. But it's neat to borrow friend's wheels and try out their tires without having to swap rims and all.

Yeah, at least on most of these, the pedal system actually works if not too overgeared. A real moped is only good to pedal off the road if it dies. haha. (or maybe out of your dorm so you don't piss off the neighbors)

My first engine chain stretched and the next broke, so I was trying to hitch a ride or phone call. Luckily my wife picked me up (20 miles). I've pedaled the beach bike grubee 10 miles before, and that was slow going, but not too hard.

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
The 14-36 was a Suntour five speed freewheel (remember those?) and they were only out there for a short time. It was pre index Suntour AG (alpine gearing) I think I might still have one or two of those cogs in my Suntour cog box. I used to have a pegboard with all of the cogs for Suntour so I could customize your freewheel. With only five to chose from and limits of derailleurs back then it was a good idea to set up your gearing to what you were most comfortable with. I usually set folks up with a strait block and then a bale-out

I had a cross bike with a single 38 front chainring and a 13-36 rear freewheel (my stump puller) It was a lot of fun to ride ,but I was a lot younger and fitter back then(sigh)

My current road bike has a lot bigger range than my old AG set up. I have a low gear of 23-32 and a high gear of 46-11. On my motor bicycle I have a 34 up front and a 11-30 in the back. I am glad I have that much range because I have broken my motor chain before and had to pedal home up to fifteen miles.

1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.
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