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Default Hi all. I suspect i'll be getting to know ya'll

From Arizona, Phoenix. First time bike builder. I've thought about doing this for a while now I'm just so close to being done and running; it's killing me!!! So obviously I turn to the internet for help, and I've been on this site a couple times before; I just need some help now. I can't find any answers.

Ok I'm young, not too dumb, and new to any engine parts so I'm learning. but I suspect I'm having trouble with either my carburetor or ignition. As i turn the engine with the pedals after engaging the clutch, the engine is turning and sputters, but fails to run the engine which then stops me from moving...

Tonight is my first night with gas in it and trying it, maybe I'm just being impatient and should try it a few more times, but any help would be fantastic. PLEASE. Thanks guys.

I just want to look like this guy.....
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