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One thing I can tell for sure is the quality of this I'm guessing is a 1953 Armstrong bicycle is far superior to all 4 of my other bikes. being 2 Schwinn's a "Pre Walmart Mongoose" & a Huffy , There are oil hols for the pedals , front crank rear hub I mean how awesome is that The makers of these newer bikes do not want them to last. I spun the pedal on the Armstrong it spun for almost a minute I spun every pedal on all 4 of my other bikes not even a full revolution.
I love these pedals the rubber pads they also spin themselves like a cart on a Ferris wheel would Here is a photo of the pedal, The brake pads still say "Made in England" on them!!! How cool is that? Thanks for looking Guys and Gals enjoy
I hope I don't get in trouble for putting up to many photo's
I got reprimanded for that once before




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