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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The 14-36 was a Suntour five speed freewheel (remember those?) and they were only out there for a short time. It was pre index Suntour AG (alpine gearing) I think I might still have one or two of those cogs in my Suntour cog box. I used to have a pegboard with all of the cogs for Suntour so I could customize your freewheel. With only five to chose from and limits of derailleurs back then it was a good idea to set up your gearing to what you were most comfortable with. I usually set folks up with a strait block and then a bale-out

I had a cross bike with a single 38 front chainring and a 13-36 rear freewheel (my stump puller) It was a lot of fun to ride ,but I was a lot younger and fitter back then(sigh)

My current road bike has a lot bigger range than my old AG set up. I have a low gear of 23-32 and a high gear of 46-11. On my motor bicycle I have a 34 up front and a 11-30 in the back. I am glad I have that much range because I have broken my motor chain before and had to pedal home up to fifteen miles.

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