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Default Scored an english armstrong

Last week as my wife was driving to work she spots what she thought was just a bicycle tire just sitting kind of in the woods. So she stops to make sure no one was hit and lying in the woods. Nothing thank god . She looks at the "Tire" and calls me "it's a complete old bike" she says. Perhaps some one had a flat let me know if it is still there on your way home in the am So we forgot about it, 4 days go by last night she calls me "That bike is still there you know" So I head to the spot and check it out I drag it out of the woods made a thourough search of the area called the police. They saw the bike as well searched the area cops says finders keepers sir as far as we are concerned your just cleaning up some trash OKAY I SAY well that trash was a 1940's era Completely AWESOME ARMSTRONG bike complete in great shape . Original tire and it has the gears/transmission inside the rear HUB It consists of Hi . lo and neutral and thery all seem to function well . Not that this function will help anything on the motor side of it all.... If it even gets a motor. Seems to me it would be a shame to hack up something that has made it this far "down the road" so to speak It's Christmas in cape cod !





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