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Default Re: Amsoil Interceptor

That amsoil chart is interesting, East...

it almost leads me to think that whatever testing and formulation they have done is all voodoo science.

then they come up with fabulous advertising campaigns based on results of the testing and lab work.

All told, it seems to me that a china girl engine has decent sized bearings and cooling fins on the cylinder for it's displacement and the horsepower produced.
The significant problem we all have with them is shabby metallurgy and even worse QC. lol

Over-all, in reading through the great motorized bicycle threads, it has never seemed to me there are a great number of reports of riders seizing their engines, or throwing rods, which would be the case if current oils were ineffective for the design.

Besides being a hack, I'm on a zero budget and really can't afford the exotic oils when the cheaper products will get the job done.

It's all good! lol
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