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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Thanks for the tip.
Exhaust refinement: I removed muffler and then removed end of muffler. Looking at the little holes in the plate inside the muffler, I opened them up with about a 3/8" drill bit and then drilled 2 more in an open area next to them. Then I cut off the small pipe so that it would still stick through the plate by about a 1/4". By the way, when I took the muffler apart, the small stinger pipe was half closed with metal shavings. I then trimmed the pipe entrance, using my 3000 rpm electric drill and a carbide burr, to better fit the exhaust port (a dremel would work just as well). This all seemed to make the engine breathe a little better. my next change will probably be to trim a crescent shaped notch in the rear of the piston skirt, so that the intake port opens completely
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