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Default Re: Awesome gasket material

Specific Gravity: 1.5
Shelf Life: Much longer than asbestos sheet
Temperature Limit: 750F* (399C)
Pressure: 1400 psi (99 BAR) @ 750F
Sealability: 0,7 ml/hr
Chloride Content: 100 ppm max
Compressibility: 7 – 17% (ASTM F-36A)
Recovery: 50% (Minimum)
*Typical values derived from tests performed using 1/16" thick material

It is very very smooth on one side feels like rigid rubberized cloth -without the elasticity is the only way I can think to describe it. I will try to find out more info.
It is used to seal in toxic chemicals and hi pressure steam they use it where ever there is joint
"no not that joint" . What temp do these bikes reach? 700 on a bad day?

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