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Default Re: Amsoil Interceptor

I've run both Amsoil 'Injector' (50:1 premix, for break-in) and Amsoil 'Saber' (100:1 premix thereafter) w/o problems, at their recommended ratios - you can run them a touch richer (oil/fuel) if you're concerned, but extremely rich oil mixes are an overcompensation that can do more harm than good (carbon/oil buildup, stuck rings).

It'd be better to run an oil formulated for a mix you're comfortable with then to mix a synthetic at such heavy ratios...

Here's a coupla pics of a high-mileage motor (aprox 10,000) always run on Amsoil at the above ratios BTW;

(yea, blew a head gasket lol, hppns)

Notice that despite such a "lean" oil mix, there's still a noticeable carbon/oil build up, you can prolly imagine what it might look like had it been even 32:1 w/a 50:1 synthetic after all those miles...

Still, as with anything it's wherever yer comfortable with
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