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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?


Sry Wm, it was Jumpa? with the bonneyville parking lite???
...kinda like after the fashion of the way they put the headlite on the old HD springers???

I like the bonney light, it's just too high up there for my like-ens... but heck, what do I know!

My motorized bicycle got a tad noisy in the stern so I had to give it some attention...
the chain was TIGHT !
AND the wheel bearings were loose.

There was no lube on the chain and some of the links were stiff.
penetrating oil has improved it some.
I adjusted the wheel bearing and idler... took er for a round the block spin and it's good to go. wiped all the excess lube off before my brakes get greased!

Really wish I had disk brakes, front and rear.
have a front end with a disk, but not read to run it just yet.
it's going on the Giant Butte with the red bat motor.
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