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Default Motorizing Tandem

Fellow bikers,

I've got a steel tandem (translation: heavy) beach cruiser bike that I motorized with a .35 cc Sears weedeater engine w/centrifugal clutch mounted to the rear wheel via a spoke ring from Golden Eagle. The .35 cc is rather light but it still gets my wife and I up to 20 mph on the straight/level.

Trouble is, it pops spokes. I've gone to 16-gage spokes and the problem seems to have stopped but I'd like a beefier motor. I just received my "China Doll" engine kit from ThatsDax - good price/kit complete, etc. I downloaded installation instructions from their website.

Trouble is I donʼt have operating instructions for how to run the machine after I get it installed. I mean just simple things:

How do you start the engine? Itʼs got a manual clutch, right? So, do I have to keep it disengaged until I pedal up to a certain speed and then release the clutch to start the engine?

If I run out of gas and need to pedal it home, do I need to duct tape the clutch handle to keep the clutch disengaged?

Iʼm installing it on a tandem bike and might need a longer drive chain. It looks like motorcycle-sized chain. After I find out how much more drive chain I need, I probably would need to take it to a motorcycle shop for lengthening, right?

I use the tandem (minus bride) to commute to work (17 miles roundtrip) daily. (My satchet fits on the rear seat.) I'm selling my Jeep DJ-5L and making this bike my primary commute vehicle, so I'm serious about this engine setup.

Any advice about: 1) clutching and 2) drive chain? Thanx in advance.
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