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Default Re: China girl first startup - choke or no choke?

The choke lever on the NT should be down, (off) for nornal running.
Raise the lever 1/2 or full for cold starts then push it down after the engine fires and has run for a few moments. Some never use the choke for cold starts and some use partial or full choke. It depends on many factors and you'll have to decide what works best for your engine.

Choke on, means the choke plate is covering the intake throat of the carburetor which provides a fuel rich condition for starting.
Choke off, means the choke is full open allowing all the air possible to enter the carb and mix with the fuel.
A rich fuel mixture sometimes makes starting a cold engine easier.
You can remove the air cleaner and see what moving the lever up or down does.
Let us know what works for you. Good luck.
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