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Default Another phoenix motorbike rider!

I'm Mitch and I live east of EV Phoenix.
I bought my first motorbike after seeing some guy making a rat rod type motorbike in PHX. I mentioned it on a forum, and got a link to Spooky Tooth. It's been a fun ride since. I bought my first from an old guy out here, using a stinger kit. I've always tinkered-excessively- with all my bikes, because these China girls are constantly needing something.
Anyways, I was riding home one night, heard the chain jump the sprocket, and looked and reached down to try and fix it, while the bike's still goin 20 mphs! I swear, I looked up, and my only thought was oh ****! The bike had decided to run me into a tree!
I didn't ride for a while afterwards. I traded that bike to a dude who was supposed to fix my truck. He didn't, but oh well, live n learn... I bought a Grubee engine for last X-mas, and a bike about a month later. I installed em, and improved on the problems with my old bike, and eventually managed to get it working, for about a week... After continued frustrations, and no space to work on it, I sold it yesterday, and now I'm ponying up cash to buy a GEBE motor kit. After, of course, I get my 1980s KHS Montana mtn bike painted and fixed!
So, I'm feeling pretty good about this GEBE kit. I like the HT motors, but I have no space or money to be working on them all the time. I live so far out, that something reliable is what I'm needing. I'll hopefully be riding again in a couple weeks! Let me know what you think of the GEBE kits!

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