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Default Re: K10 Fork, Handlebar Woes

Originally Posted by Yggdrasil View Post

I don't suppose anyone could link the proper axle to go with these things? I recall reading you machined one scotto, is that what must be done? Is there not a really long 3/8ths axle to be had compatable with these things?

Also if i spring for a S/A Drum wheel would the axle clear the dropouts or am i going to have to rip apart a brand new wheel to elongate the axle? Would like to know as that idea scares the bejesus out of me.
Here are some excerps of how I did it......More fabrication and modification today......had to replace the stepped 9mm Sturmey Archer short front axle with a much longer 10mm axle to fit the Suzuki front fork.

I used a vice with padded jaws opened up to just wider than the bearing, rested the hub on the non-brake side, took a lead ingot and a special hammer and beat it into submission. They popped out quicker than snot.

To ease the wrestling of getting the 10mm axle to fit (wheel intact), I cut a drop-out in the right hand axle loop. Then install onto the left leg while compressing the right......get axle into position and gently let the right leg slide over the axle and BAM, install nuts and tighten to specs (crank'em down).

When I installed the 10mm axle I made a spacer that slides over the axle that sits between the bearings to keep them from too much side-load as the original axle does.....this is a pretty important thing to do. If you have questions about this, PM me. Hope this helps....gotta run.
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