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Default Re: My First Post. Wish list.

Welcome to the forum.

auto rear hub? Are you referring to the NuVinci hub? It's not actually auto, you still have to select your gear ratio, but it's still nice. I believe they can handle up to something like 96lbs of torque.

I'm not so sure though that a regular bicycle chain is going to handle 9.4hp for long. I would suggest running a good size chain, like a #41, same as the HT motors. Would require some reworking of sprockets and such, but shouldn't be a big deal seeing as you work in a machine shop. If you stay with a derailer and cassette....I would forget about that Morini, honestly. I have a feeling things would go boom pretty quickly....

Here's my honest opinion: why do you need to cruise at 40+ mph? I ride 6mi each way every day at about 20-25mph and it's just fine. If you're dead set on riding that fast, why not build up a small motorcycle instead? Would probably be safer, and the minute the cops saw that bike, you'd have to register the thing anyway. Just my $0.02.
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