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Default Re: Some help with centrifugal clutch install

Well the hardware store will let you choose what you want to replace, but they might not have the right lengths and what not. If you get the SBP kit, just make sure you put everything on right. Like the intake and exhaust so that you don't have any air leaks.

I had a big leak in the cylinder head because when I took it off to explore around, I didn't torque it right. I ended up getting the head kit as well to replace the crappy acorn nuts, and using a high temp sealant to fix it up right. It's not as clean looking because I'm not very good with the sealant, but it works!

But anyways, the toughest part for me to find those pieces in a hardware store were the studs. I found intake & exhaust, but they've got these spacers in the middle. Idk, you should look around, and see what fits you best.
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