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Default Re: Rust Removal

I still like good old naval jelly, I coat the part well and wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it moist. This method works very well if you have heavy rust and want to leave it over night.
Then I use a combination of wire wheels and steel wool in various grades.
To reach those hard to get at spots I use a length of cotton clothesline rope thats been wrapped in a thin layer of steel wool and wrap it around the part
(like a bike frame) and pull it back and forth a few times.

Wear safety goggles, a breath mask, thick rubber gloves and protective clothing at all times, naval jelly is acid based and will harm your eyes and exposed skin.
Keep the garden hose handy to wash off any that gets on your skin fast.
Happy de rusting
Hmmmm... a gun blued steel bike frame....I LIKE IT!

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