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Default Re: K10 Fork, Handlebar Woes

k so i managed to get my handlebars, took her for a spin, love the suspension, i do not however love my improvised wheel, looking like i'm gonna need a proper axle to fit these forks, glad my wheel poped off under pedal power as opposed to 30 plus mph. so i'm garaged until i find a suitable wheel for the front... dangitt!

I don't suppose anyone could link the proper axle to go with these things? I recall reading you machined one scotto, is that what must be done? Is there not a really long 3/8ths axle to be had compatable with these things?

Also if i spring for a S/A Drum wheel would the axle clear the dropouts or am i going to have to rip apart a brand new wheel to elongate the axle? Would like to know as that idea scares the bejesus out of me.

Really appreciate all your guys help with this, love these forks can't wait to get em on the road!
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