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Default Re: Tools to have with you.

my new multi-purpose tool is Krazyglue.

yesterday, after re-installing my license plate, lights, and a mirror back onto my race bike, i took off on a long ride to get a haircut. i was about 5 miles from home when my clutch lever fell off at about 45mph. my custom mirror mount replaces the mounting bolt on the lever, and it stripped the aluminum threads when i cranked it on there.

luckily, the lever dangling from the cable didn't fall into my front wheel and flip me over, and i just crammed on the brakes and stalled it out.

there was a 7-11 right there, bought some Krazyglue, squirted it on the threads and into the stripped hole, put it all together, had a smoke, and rode another 25 miles round trip.

i don't think Krazyglue would patch a tire or fix a busted chain, but it'll fix plenty of little things, like loose fender bolts, mirrors, etc...
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