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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by vincent713 View Post
CT, sounds like you have really nice scenery to ride with up there. Where I live it's your typical American suburb, nothing but neighborhoods and pavements.
It sounds like you guys mostly ride on the road, I mostly ride on sidewalks. I enjoy riding at night time when there are less joggers. Motorist here are very impatient, they don't want to stop or slow down for bicyclist or MB. This is the big reason why I try to stay away from the roads. Getting hit by a car doing 45mph will hurt like HeII!
There are some good places we can get to with the motors and the pedal around. They're not happy with motorized bikes used under power in the parks, and I'm cool with that, the right side's still got all 21 speeds on my bike. There are a lot of good on-road bike routes here, but there are places where you shut down and take to the sidewalk if you like living. There are a lot of bad drivers here, but I used to drive for a living for a long time (city courier) so I've had a lot of practice at staying out of the path of them.

Anyway, on topic now ... today I did the trip to work and back. The I think the motor's nicely broken in now, the sound of it and the idle have... changed, subtly. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It starts in a heartbeat cold, purrs like a kitten idling along (with no throttle, about 28-30kph/17-18 mph), and wails like a banshee when it's warmed up if I wind it out (topped out at 68 kph/42 mph before the speedo overloaded went permanently squirrely). It runs very happily around traffic speed, which is usually what I'm looking for.


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