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Default My First Post. Wish list.

Tax time is not far off so, I have been researching, and started putting together a parts list. I work in a machine shop so one off part are not going to be a problem. I only drive 6 mile one way to work. I am want this to be a daily ride. Weather permitting. Would like to see a cruising speed of about 40+ MPH, my weight is 205 +/- a few.

*Morini Motori S6-S SPORT 50cc 2-stroke 9.4 Hp @ 11,000 RPM (I hope to find one at a reasonable price)
*26" stretched cruiser frame
*Springer triple trees
*Fattest tires i can fit
*jack shaft, front free wheel, and that auto rear hub (can't remember the name of it, will it hold up? still reading up on this. may have to still use a derailer and cassette.)
*all the lights and blinkers
*costume tank
*f/r disk breaks

Of course there is a lot of little odds and ends not listed but you get the idea. With the Motori S6-S I don't think I will have a problem reaching my goal and then some. It will not stay stock for long. I am sure that 9.4 hp is just a starting point.

I have see where people are using smog pumps as superchargers. Boost is always a big cool factor. Got a few bookmarks. I'll post them next post. The stretched frame would give me room to play with. Maybe a supercharged 4 stroke will find its way in there somewhere down the road.

Well it's late and I'm tired. Off the dream up my next big idea. Any and all input is welcomed.
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