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Default Re: K10 Fork, Handlebar Woes

Ream the bar clamps like this:

I used the machine reamer by hand and it worked great. You could also use a rotory high-speed tool such as a Dremel. Start grinding.....or reaming.

Originally Posted by Yggdrasil View Post
So my k10 forks just came in today and I jerry rigged a wheel to fit, only to find that all my handlebars are way too thick, reread the thread about them today and it seems nobody mentioned how to get your handlebars on them. I suppose i could go and get some longer bolts to make things fit, would like to get your guys ideas on what else works.

I know a few folks have built with these things, perhaps you would be so kind as to share with me some of the tricks you employed to make things work.

I may be mixing things up a bit, but I swear i remember seeing someone with a set of clipons from on these forks, what size did you get to do so? Would moped bars work in general with these forks?

Sorry for the million questions, just one of those days.
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