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Default Re: MBA Motors Mortorized Mountain Bike Anyone?? HELP??? HELP.....

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Can you take the black cover off the engine? I see a screw on top there.

Digital Cameras and camera phones are great for learning as you go. Take a pic, take something off (even just for a single screw at a time if you want, whatever makes you comfortable), take a pic, and keep repeating. Run the pics backwards to reassemble. Lay the parts and hardware out in a clear area as you go, fasteners with parts.

Some parts of the learning curve are steeper than others, but everyone here can give you a hand up when you need it.
ill take a picture and post it by the weekend.

so my question is. What can i do to get more power? Just another wheel cog??

does the centrifugal transmission ever go bad? or like does it work, or not. Or does it slip or become weaker??

im clueless with this motorized bike stuff. I NEED MORE TORQUE AND POWWAAHH
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