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Default Re: What type of chain do I have??

No You probably have a #415 if it's a kit-
although I think a vendor or two here still may ship a 410

They are all the same length of link

the dif is the width:

a standard cruiser or one speed chain is a #410 and 1/8" wide- this is the most narrow point INSIDE the links

a standard derailleur is 3/32 wide

and the usual kit chain imported is the 415- 3/16 wide at the most narrow inside point
see my thread about the new 415 chain I found- to me the perfect solution

you get the 415 margins of error to keep from derailling- but in a chain that doesn't weigh much more than the 410 cruiser chain-

Of course weights vary otherwise even in the same width depending on the quality of the chain

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