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Default Re: Nobody seams to know what I'm talking about

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
Try Googling: Virginia Code section 46.2-100

If you do, you will see that the limit for a moped is still 50cc. There is no specified limit on HP. The speed limit is 35 mph - that does not refer to the speed they are capable of but the speed you ride them at. As long as you ride at less than 35 mph, you are a moped. Ride at over 35 mph and your moped transforms itself into a motorcycle and need to be registered and titled as a motorcycle.
I seem to recall back in the '70s & early '80s, they were a bit more specific about horsepower, & 140cc Whizzers haven't had any cop trouble.
I'll double check with my insurance agent & some other legal sources before deciding on an engine.
I've also been trying to find out what constitutes as a "Modified Bicycle" in this state, with little success.

By the way, what type of engine are you using? Your avatar looks pretty cool!
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