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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Glad you are ok. I can relate to people not letting you turn. I have missed exits or turns on bikes, mbs, and cars before because someone was tailgating and either menacing or not paying attention. Sometimes you just have to slow gradually till the snap out of their phone conversation or drug haze enough to go around you. I always wonder if people drive this badly in other countries. It seems like only America has such vicious bike-haters, but I could be wrong. I have heard Greece is pretty crazy to drive in too, no one stops for anything but parking. lol.

re: CDI. That's cool. On my Grubee bike, I used zip ties on mine bc. the stupid little tabs broke off the first day.

re: Tanaka carb. I looked at my 33 and couldn't find any mixture adjustments. I think it does not have any, but it does have a primer bulb hidden under the carb lol. Maybe the bigger motors have adjustable carbs. Most weeders I've ever had came with 2 or 3 adjustments, usually idle mix, high RPM mix, and a low-speed throttle stop screw.
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