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Default Re: Nobody seams to know what I'm talking about

Originally Posted by LilCerberus View Post
I've read the same thing, but most dealers, as well as my insurance agent, have told me that the speed limit for mopeds had been changed to 45mph.
I've been told tahat Whizzers, despite the 140cc engine, still qualify as mopeds, as they still have pedals, & are under 2hp with a top speed of 35-45mph.
Try Googling: Virginia Code section 46.2-100

If you do, you will see that the limit for a moped is still 50cc. There is no specified limit on HP. The speed limit is 35 mph - that does not refer to the speed they are capable of but the speed you ride them at. As long as you ride at less than 35 mph, you are a moped. Ride at over 35 mph and your moped transforms itself into a motorcycle and need to be registered and titled as a motorcycle.
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