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Default Re: One more break in question

Honestly, I never noticed much of a difference in performance after break-in. But then again, I have never really used an odometer or a speedo.

That's strange because with a 32T sprocket, you should get at least 30mph on a flat grade. Last I calculated, I got a max of 32 mph on a flat road with my 66cc engine with the 44T sprocket. I've never used a smaller sprocket, but supposedly the smaller you go the more speed you'll get but less uphill power.

What mixture are you using for your break-in period? If you're using a 16:1 mix like the chinese instructions say, try instead using a 24:1 mix. Oil in the western world is of better quality so 16:1 is a lot of oil to use. Won't hurt to use 16:1, but you'll get both an greasy engine and a slight decrease in power.
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