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Default Re: Hi, I'm planning a huge adventure, please help!

Originally Posted by calpolymike View Post
take the bus. i think greyhound has the ability to take ur bike as well.
Yeah they do and incidentally GH Freight is a cost effective way to ship bikes even if you're not traveling.

There was a fellow on another forum a few years back who was matching up a Dahon folder with a friction drive just for bus travel. It sounded pretty good actually. He had the idea of using a greyhound travel pass for the big legs of his journey and then unfolding his kit when he got somewhere to get around when he arrived. He said he would unbolt the motor and use a small toolbox designed for storing it in the bus cargo hold. He was looking for ideas on ways to avoid having a permanent fuel tank with fumes and all, like a cheap throw away easily replaced at the next next stop. Don't know it worked it out, he disappeared soon after.......probably on that bus, lol.

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