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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
Only 1 cager rager acted out, and just honked at me a couple times for no reason other than he wanted to turn right and couldn't wait 5 more seconds for the light to change.
Some people have a major superiority complex. Just the other day I was being tailgated by this white pickup truck(typical...), and I had to make a turn back to my house. But I didn't want him to run over me! So instead of doing the smart thing and keep going, I decided to make a quick sharp turn. BIG MISTAKE! I slipped on some water and fell off my bike. Got some bad road rash on my hands and my left arm, but not too bad I guess since it doesn't hurt anymore. When I got back up I started my bike again and then the chain bunched under the clutch arm cover and the chain derailed! Unbelievable...

The good thing is that gave me a chance to change the setup on my bike. My CDI always kept sliding around and I hated having all the wires just hanging out. So I switched my CDI to the top bar on the frame, which is SO MUCH better. I had to use some extra wire but it's worth it. It doesn't slide around anymore and it just looks better IMO. Then I redid the wire connections using some shrink tube, which is great stuff and looks nicer than soldering. But the best part is that I got some cable organizer tube, shoved all the wires through it, and zip-tied it to the lower bar on the frame. My bike looks way nicer now and I put some silicone sealant around where the plug wire meets the CDI, so that in combination with the shrink tube should make my bike reasonably water-resistant.

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