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Default Re: The Dremel dilemma

Originally Posted by East82 View Post
Filing, cutting, grinding and polishing ....these all require different dremel bits.
Each of the different places a dremel is called for should be using a bit designed for that job. For example, grinding engine mounts to make them fit, porting and polishing an exhaust, filing or grinding this or that.

Can someone give a listing of what bits should be in my tool kit and where I would use them?

I do not have a dremel tool, but I do have a cordless drill and I believe I can use dremel bits in that or at least find comparable drill bits to do the job.

So far as what bits you'll want, can't help you there - I've about got 'em all. I do what Rohmell does, buy 'em in bulk. They are cheaper that way, by far.

I suppose they'd work in a drill, but that sounds unwieldy somehow. Save the $s and get a multi-speed Dremel, is my advice. I've never regretted it. I love the little thing. And I have found ways to cut things bigger than a 3/8 inch bolt. Again, you should also have the safety glasses. And a dust mask isn't a bad idea either.

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