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Default Re: New guy with first build

Originally Posted by cptbhern View Post
Thanks for the compliments guys.
I will try adding airholes and maybe getting a 34 tooth sprocket and then just ride it to breakin.

I had fun with the build and may try another on an older bike.
This is a great hobby and this site has been very helpful.

Thanks again!
I agree with Mike B, if your wanting the ability to climb hills more easily you need to go with a bigger sprocket not smaller. Bigger sprockets will give you more torque needed to climb. On flat land that smaller sprocket will give you more toppped out speed. At the very least I would say from experience just ride it how it is now to get the feel of things and make the bike reliable. Then after youve put about 500 miles or so on it start tinkering with mods. My 2 cent anyway take it for what its worth. Nice build!
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