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Default Re: Nobody seams to know what I'm talking about

That is a very helpful observation.
I have been considering mods to the pedal & fron sprocket assembly, but haven't had a chace to look into that yet.
The gerth of the engine haden't occurred to me. I was considering the Predator 99 because it's the only thing in a 4stroke I've been able to find in my price range (at least locally).
(Tomos 2strokes are street legal in VA, but the noise has made them a greater cop magnet, lately.)
Incidently, part of the problem I had with that Qinqi, was keeping my legs pinched together on that tiny runningboard.

I actually prefer a straight clutch after years on sprtbikes & cruisers. My Qinqi had a cent clutch, & I've got a cousin in the hills with several beutifully restored Honda CM91s. Centrifugal clutches have always made me nervous.

I've read the same thing, but most dealers, as well as my insurance agent, have told me that the speed limit for mopeds had been changed to 45mph.
I've been told tahat Whizzers, despite the 140cc engine, still qualify as mopeds, as they still have pedals, & are under 2hp with a top speed of 35-45mph. I'll ask around, but I understand the tighter restrictions are intended for those unpedaled scooters, like that Qinqi I used to have.
Either way, I'm not looking for a Virago 1000, just something that can "go".
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