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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

A broken piston ring will have no effect what so ever on the clutch operation.
However, it will have a negative effect on the engine's performance, especially if the broken piece is still inside the engine. The piston rings are responsible for sealing the piston to the cylinder. If one is missing the compression will be reduced and some of the pressure developed during the combustion cycle will escape past the only remaining ring and result in a loss of power. If a partial ring is left installed on the piston it can rotate around in the piston ring groove of the piston and one of the ends of the ring can get hung up on a cylinder port, doing serious damage to the piston and cylinder. The missing piece, if left inside the engine to float around in the flywheel compartment, can destroy the piston and cylinder as it could eventually work itself up through the transfer ports and get caught between the piston and cylinder. Also it can get trapped in between the flywheels and engine case and chew up all parts involved. Any metal bits ground up in the process can also ruin the crankshaft bearings.
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