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Default Nobody seams to know what I'm talking about

In VA, a moped must be under 50cc &\or under 5hp, &\or have bicycle pedals. So what I'm looking for, is an 80cc 4stroke 4hp motor. What I can't figure out, is what to look for in hp to torque ratios,or how much torque I'm going to need if I want to be able to go up hills. I'd assume a heavier flywheel mounted on the magneto would help, but I don't know which that would effect.

I've found a 140cc Whizzer has 2hp, & is still good for hills at 35-45mph.
However, the other day, I was eyeing a 100cc 3.5hp engine at Harbor Freight.
Both are 4strokes.
What I'm not getting, is how the 100cc engine could be more powerful than the 140cc

Another thing that cofuses me, is how dozens of dealers of Whizzer knock-offs are all selling the exact same kit. They all must have a parts supplier, if only if I could figure out who...
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