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Default Re: Hi, I'm planning a huge adventure, please help!

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Do it, wander this beautiful land by whatever means you can. Build yourself a motorized bicycle and if the motor quits, pedal it. If the bike quits, walk. If your feet can take it no longer you can always bail, the learning experience, the sights, sounds and smells worth every penny invested, the wisdom earned, the insight gleaned worth so much more than the price, what meager possessions you have with you, what you would stand to lose so much less than what you will gain. I've nothing but the deepest respect for anyone who would even contemplate getting off their sofa to go live for a moment, to break away from the discovery channel to go discover for themselves, to dare to dream of something different, to stop whiling away the hours, days, the years of your life playing video games to just go play.
Awesome post. That excerpt was especially moving.

Is there any particular four stroke and mounting kit you'd recommend? Would you recommend a particular shift kit as well?
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